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SCG-P Protein Purification System


Laboratory chromatography system


• SCG-P is the premium all-in-one system. Power performance and flexible capability ready for all your needs.
• Sample pump add-in available.
• Flexible flow path add-on and sample pump add-on available.
• Carefully designed flow path to minimize dwell volume.
• More add-in room available for external valve or future upgrade.
• Powerful SCG operation software offer intuitive and flexible method editor, system controller and data analysis tool. Please note software are free for upgrade during product lifetime.
• Can be fit with various brand chromatography column from domestic or international.
• Can fit in regular chromatography refrigerator.
• SCG-P-030 can satisfy milligram level purification need; SCG-P-100 can satisfy gram level purification need; SCG-P-300 can satisfy further level purification need.

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