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SCG-O nucleic acid synthesis system


Laboratory chromatography system


SCG-O is an all-in-one fully automatic phosphoramidite DNA/RNA oligonucleotide synthesizer. The system is used for clinical research, medical development, and molecular diagnostic probe synthesis (such as probes or primer separation Genes and fragments are used as primers for PCR amplification, synthesis of antisense nucleic acids and ribozymes for gene therapy, double-stranded nucleic acids and their interfering small RNAs for RNA interference to block harmful gene expression, and for the study of the relationship between gene structure and function Wait).
SCG-O is used to synthesize the range of 250umol-9mmol. It is driven by a high-precision liquid phase pump to precisely control the reaction speed and contact time. The well-designed flow path switching system can significantly reduce the amount of monomers and reagents. The unique cycle mode is one-key switching Meet the requirements of DNA/RNA chemical synthesis, ensuring low-cost, high-efficiency, and high-quality synthesis results.

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