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The third generation chromatography system SCG-P


Laboratory chromatography system


The third generation chromatography system SCG-P was launched

SCG-P is an intuitive and flexible protein purification system that can be used to quickly purify your biological samples. In order to ensure the repeatability and reliability of the experimental results, we have continuously optimized and improved the integration of software and hardware. It took three years to carefully build and invite you to purchase.

The SCG-P chromatography system is an integrated model designed on the classic SCG model. It not only continues the advantages of simple operation and comprehensive functions of SCG system software, but also carefully optimizes the hardware to further improve the performance of the whole machine and bring you a stable and reliable purification experience. The entire flow path of SCG-P is facing the user, and the experimenter can clearly understand the relationship between each module and the direction of the sample and buffer. The modular structure makes it more extensible and efficient, easily realizing your exclusive customization.





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