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Affinity chromatography packing


Chromatography column and packing


MabPurix overview

MabPurix affinity filler is prepared by bonding proprietary Protein A with 46.7kD molecular weight on 4% agarose microspheres with a high cross-linking particle size of 45-165μm using a proprietary surface modification technology. MabPurix Protein A affinity packing is designed for affinity chromatography purification of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

MabPurix can be used not only in laboratory research and development, process development, and clinical applications, but also in the industrial production of proteins from a few milligrams to tens of kilograms. This filler is a purification tool for the production of therapeutic and diagnostic proteins.


Technical Parameters:

a piece

a piece


Packing characteristics:

• Highly binding to antibodies

• Very low Protein A loss rate

• Good alkali resistance cleaning

• Excellent resistance to degradation by proteases

• High repeatability between batches

• High protein recovery and maintain sample biological activity


High dynamic load

Figure 1 shows that MabPurix has similar dynamic binding capacity as MabSelectSuRe produced by GE.

Figure 1. Experimental details: The dynamic load is determined by 2% flow through of human polyclonal antibody IgG, contact time (0.5-6 minutes), and the loading solution is 2mg / mL hIgG phosphate buffer (pH = 7.4) ), The column is Mabpurix (5 x 50mm).


Good alkali resistance cleaning

When MabPurix is ​​cleaned and disinfected with low-concentration NaOH, the dynamic load will decrease slightly as the contact time increases.

As shown in Figure 2: Load 2mg / mL hIgG phosphate buffer solution (pH = 7.4) in a 5 x 50 mm column. The sample contact time was 3 minutes, and the load was measured at 2% flow-through. A cleaning time of 25h represents 100 in-situ cleanings of 0.1 N NaOH each time for 15 minutes.


Packaging Information:

product name

Particle size

Packing specification (mL)

Specification of prepacked column (mL)


90 µm


1, 5

Note: The specifications in the table are the standing specifications. For other specifications, please inquire.





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