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Manual chromatography column (ID: 50-450mm)


Chromatography column and packing


Manual chromatography column (ID: 50-450mm)

The low-pressure chromatography column is specially designed for the purification of biological products, suitable for pilot to large-scale production, and can be compatible with almost all chromatography packing used in the biopharmaceutical industry. Its advanced design concept can be used with any chromatography system, especially with iBio chromatography system can provide customers with convenience for pilot scale-up and production. The chromatographic column with a diameter of more than 300 mm contains a fully automatic packing design, which is controlled by the packing station software to achieve automatic packing, which is simple and fast.



• Innovative design, intuitive, efficient and economical

• Installation, filling, unloading and easy maintenance

• Easy to obtain accurate and highly repeatable packing effect

• Three-column packing valve, uniform packing, fast unloading

• The key parts are imported brands, stable and durable

• The parts in contact with the liquid meet USP VI or FDA


Design performance:

1. Overall

• Linear enlargement of column inner diameter, currently from 50 mm to 800 mm, and later can be enlarged to 1600 mm

• The chromatographic column pressure resistance includes two designs, 3 bar and 6 bar, to meet almost all low-pressure packing

• All materials in contact with the material liquid are biocompatible materials and can provide material certification

• All joints adopt hygienic T-clamp joints

• Chromatography columns above 300mm are sealed with imported gas seal ring, which makes the operation more convenient

• Hygienic design of the piston distribution system and the outlet channel structure ensures both sealing and cleaning, and has a self-draining function

2. Packing valve

• The chromatography column above 300 mm in diameter uses a patented column packing valve. The packing can be quickly entered or removed through the column packing valve at the bottom of the column barrel, which greatly improves the packing and unloading of the column above 300 mm. Convenience

• Hygienic design, the entire packing valve pipeline can be cleaned after packing is completed, and no packing will remain in the packing valve without cleaning

• The unique three-packed column valve design makes the rubber surface very uniform when packing, ensuring the efficiency of the column; faster when removing the column


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