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Manual chromatography system


Production grade chromatography system


Manual chromatography system


System Overview:

The manual chromatography system is suitable for the process development and production amplification of biological drugs such as proteins and antibodies. The system is designed and manufactured according to the relevant requirements of cGMP and FDA. The design is simple, economical and practical, and has good operability and stability.


Performance advantages:

1. Good performance

• The use of quaternary diaphragm pump technology, pulse suppression, make the flow rate more stable, low shear force

• High-precision flow control

• When the sensor detects an abnormality, the system can be suspended by the set alarm condition

• In addition to standard specifications, customized systems can be designed according to customer requirements

2. High security

• The system has various security functions

• From login to logout, record all operations and running process

• You can set the required operation authority to prevent security problems caused by illegal operations, etc.

• Electronic records, electronic signatures to ensure data security

3. Complete regulatory verification documents

• System verification adopts V mode of GAMP5

• Can provide users with verification documents such as FAT / IQ / OQ


a piece




Quaternary diaphragm pump

Flow range

1-180 L/h

0.017-3 L / min

6-600 L/h

0.1-10 L / min

60-1200 L/h

1-20 L / min

Flow accuracy *

±1%/0.5 L/h

±1%/1.5 L/h

±1%/3 L/h

System withstand voltage

6 bar

UV wavelength range

Fixed single wavelength (280 nm) or variable multi-wavelength (190-840 nm)

pH range

0-14, ± 0.01

Conductivity range

1-500000 µS/cm,±5 µs/cm

Pipe material

ASME BPE(316LSS),Ra˜0.4 µm

Number of inlet valves

2 or according to customer's choice

Number of outlet valves

2 or according to customer's choice

Valve switch


power supply

220VAC 50Hz

220VAC 50Hz

220VAC 50Hz


0.6 kW

1 kW

1.5 kW






60 kg

150 kg

180 kg

power supply

220VAC 50Hz


Note: * Flow accuracy 1% / 0.5 L / h is subject to the larger value.

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