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Automatic chromatography system


Production grade chromatography system


Automatic chromatography system


System Overview:

The automatic chromatography system is specially designed for technological research and large-scale production of biological products such as monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, blood products, and insulin. Its design meets the relevant requirements of cGMP and FDA, and integrates the solvent module and automatic control module, which can automatically and continuously perform column equilibration, sample loading, elution, collection and online cleaning functions. Help users realize the process control of process, equipment and production, and ensure the stability and repeatability of product quality. The system can also be customized according to the particularity of the user's plant and production process.


Performance advantages:

1. Imported components, quality assurance

• The key components of the system are selected from imported brands with stable performance

• Traceability of instruments and pipelines, material 316L, Ra˜0.4 µm

• The material in contact with the liquid meets FDA or USP Class VI

2. Detailed functions and simple operation

• Simple automatic method editing, free software upgrade

• Adopt electronic signatures and electronic records, which can be traced back to all original production records

3. Reasonable design and compact configuration

• Multi-channel combined valve design, smaller dead volume, lower back pressure

• Clean CIP and disinfect SIP in place to ensure aseptic work

• Comply with cGMP requirements, manufactured according to ASME BPE standard

4. Functional examples

• The system adds online dilution function according to flow rate or conductivity

• Three scales of time, volume and column volume

• Conductivity, pH online calibration, generate detailed PDF calibration records

• Multiple practical functions, timing and quantitative, pressure flow rate mode, etc.

• Bubble trap automatic cleaning, automatic emptying

• Power-off hold function




Quaternary diaphragm pump

Flow range

1-180 L / h
0.017-3 L / min

6-600 L / h
0.1-10 L / min

60-1200 L / h
1-20 L / min

300-4000 L / h
5-66.7 L / min

Flow accuracy


±1%/1.5 L/h

±1%/3 L/h

±1%/10 L/h

System withstand voltage

6 bar

UV wavelength range

Fixed single wavelength (280 nm) or variable multiple wavelength (190- -840 nm)

pH range

0-14, ± 0.01

Conductivity range

1-500000 μS/cm,±5 μs/cm

Pipe material

ASME BPE (316LSS) , Ra ~ 0.4 um

Number of inlet valves

2 ~ 8 (isocratic) / 4 ~ 16 (gradient)

Number of outlet valves

2 ~ 8

Valve switch

Compressed air drive

power supply

220VAC 50Hz

220VAC 50Hz

220VAC 50Hz

380VAC 50Hz


1 kW

1 kW

1.5 kW

5 kW


1180H *700W *1050D

1235H *700W *1130D

1235H *800W *1200D

1800H *1500W *1800D


150 kg

200 kg

280 kg

780 kg

public facilities

Compressed air 5-6 bar

Note: * Flow accuracy 1% / 0.5 L / h is subject to the larger value.





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