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Relianx separation and purification system


High performance liquid chromatography


Relianx separation and purification system

Relianx series purification systems are mainly used for the separation and purification of small molecule chemical drugs, natural products, polysaccharides and other biochemical drugs. It is true that a single device can not only achieve the preliminary separation of medium and low pressure, but also obtain the target monomer by high pressure fine separation.

The modular, functional and intelligent design is easy to operate, and it is convenient for customers to choose the most suitable purification system according to their actual needs.

It meets the requirements of GMP / GLP regulations, the relevant regulations of FDA and CFDA, and has functions such as user authority control, operation record tracking, and digital signature, which ensure the reliability and security of data.


System Features:

1. Equipped with imported high-pressure stainless steel pump, not only resistant to high pressure and organic reagents, but also has good stability under low pressure. Pump head pre-designed to facilitate maintenance of infusion system;

2. The pump body adopts double plunger rod structure to effectively reduce the pulse;

3. The dual pump design effectively improves the accuracy of gradient changes;

4. There is a control panel in front of the pump, which can be directly controlled manually;

5. High-sensitivity detector, you can choose a variety of detectors;

6. Optional collection valve collection, fully automatic component collector, support multiple collection methods to facilitate purification and collection of target;

7. Humanized software design, which can modify gradient and flow rate online.


Basic configuration of Relianx series:





Relianx system pump

Imported high pressure stainless steel pump, high precision, high pressure resistance, long life

Velocity range

0.001 ~ 36 mL / min

0.01-100ml / min

1 ~ 300ml / min

greatest pressure


4000psi (27Mpa)

1000psi (6.8Mpa)

Flow accuracy and precision

± 1.2%

± 1.2%  

± 2%

Loading method

Liquid loading

Gradient type

Linear, isocratic and step gradients, the gradient ratio can be modified online

DAD400EX UV detector

Wavelength range: 200-400nm, 2mm optical path length, external flow cell

Wavelength accuracy

± 1nm

Wavelength repeatability

± 0.5nm

Injection valve

Manual injection, standard 1ml and 5ml loops

Chromatography workstation

Relianx chromatography workstation, computer, genuine win7 system


PEEK / PTFE pipe, installation manual, user manual, pipe joint, common tools, etc.





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