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CP series constant pressure double plunger pump


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CP series constant pressure double plunger pump

The CP series high-pressure pump is composed of two pump heads. It is a constant-pressure solvent-controlled plunger pump with a wide flow rate range. The maximum pressure can reach 25,000 psi. The flow path material is stainless steel or titanium alloy.

1. It is used for packing of high-phase liquid chromatography columns, and can be used as analytical or preparation instruments.

2. With pressure feedback device. The flow rate will be automatically adjusted according to the upper limit of the pressure, automatically reducing the flow rate without overpressure.

3. The user can set the response parameters according to the requirements, such as upper pressure limit, upper flow rate limit and other parameters.

4. CP series pumps can be used alone or connected to a computer to perform counter-control operations through the computer.


Technical parameters of CP series:

Velocity range and maximum pressure

0.000-5.000mL / min (25000psi)

0.00-12.00mL / min (10000psi or 18000psi)

0.00-24.00mL / min (10000psi)

0.0-100.0mL / min (4000psi)

0.0-300.0mL / min (1000psi)

Specification (height * width * length)




power supply


Signal interface

RS-232 serial port, USB interface


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