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Protein purification system SCG-030 series


Laboratory chromatography system


The SCG protein chromatography system is specially designed for the purification and preparation of biological samples such as proteins, antibodies, and vaccines. The modular, functional and intelligent design is easy to operate, and it is convenient for customers to choose a purification system that is more suitable for them according to their actual needs.

SCG protein chromatography system can be used for:

Protein purification; vaccine purification; monoclonal antibody purification; blood product separation and purification.

Peptide purification; gene therapy medicine purification; natural medicine and polysaccharide purification fields.

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System Features:

Reliable system components

The main components are manufactured by selected well-known European and American manufacturers. Most of them are developed in cooperation with superior performance and reliable quality.

All components in contact with the sample are made of bio-inert materials such as PEEK, sapphire, and ruby, and have good biocompatibility.

Accurate and continuous liquid flow rate

The original imported dual plunger rod binary gradient pump, the pump head is made of PEEK material, and the front design is easy to clean and maintain.

The pump head has a self-flushing function to avoid salt precipitation in the pump head when purifying biological samples, causing instrument damage and pollution; the infusion pump uses electronic pressure pulse suppression technology to provide excellent gradient accuracy and repeatability for protein chromatography To ensure the reproducibility of purification results.

Accurate and real-time detection environment

The UV detector is an original imported DAD detector, which provides multiple wavelength signal output at the same time, which can facilitate the real-time monitoring of the purity of the separated components; the pH / conductivity detector can accurately provide real-time monitoring of pH and conductivity, and Temperature compensation of pH and conductivity is needed to obtain more accurate monitoring.

Intelligent configuration, enjoy the fun of work

The new component collector is equipped with a variety of collection racks and supports a variety of collection methods to facilitate the purification and collection of the target; various valves (collection valve, column position valve, injection valve, column selection valve, solenoid valve, etc.) are Customized for international well-known manufacturers, imported from the original, users can choose according to actual needs.

Professional and timely after-sales service team

The professional after-sales service team will reply within 2 hours and arrive at the site to solve the problem within 24 hours.

Free software upgrades for life.


Humanized software design:

All SCG systems from laboratory scale to production scale can be controlled using the SCG software developed by our company, which has built-in method editing, system control, result processing and many other information. The main features of SCG software are: intuitive software design, powerful spectrum processing capabilities, safe data storage function, and built-in parameters of chromatographic columns commonly used by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The Chinese and English operation interfaces are interchangeable, the operation is simple, the function is comprehensive, and it is easy to learn and use. The data is automatically saved in real time to prevent data loss caused by accidental power failure; SCG's unique mobile phone tablet remote control function allows you to monitor the progress of the experiment at any time in the office area; meets GMP / GLP specifications and meets FDA and CFDA regulations .


Protein purification system SCG-030 series

● Adopting high-precision plunger pump, the flow rate and gradient changes are more accurate, and the gradient and flow rate can be modified online in real time.

● Equipped with highly sensitive detectors, and can be equipped with different detectors such as different UV, pH, conductivity, etc.

● Fully automatic component collector, supporting multiple collection methods.


Basic configuration and parameters:



System pump

Plunger pump, bio-inert PEEK material, can provide continuous, stable and accurate flow rate

Velocity range

0.001 ~ 36 mL / min

Maximum pressure

270bar (27MPa or 4000psi) *


Dynamic, 2mL

Flow rate accuracy

± 1.2%

Gradient type

Isocratic, linear gradient, step gradient, the gradient ratio can be modified online

UV detector

DAD 400EX, slope length 200-400nm (other detectors can be optional)

light source

Imported deuterium lamp

Wavelength accuracy

± 1nm

Conductivity detector

0.001-999.99mS / cm, accuracy ± 2%

pH detector

Detection range pH 0-14, accuracy ± 0.1

Temperature detector

Detection range 0-100 ℃, accuracy ± 1 ℃

Injection valve

Automatic sample injection, software control switch Load, Inject, Waste function, support quantitative loop and quantitative cup injection

Chromatography workstation

SCG chromatography workstation (including workstation software, brand computer, genuine Win7 operating system)

Installation kit

PEEK / PTFE pipe, installation manual, user manual, pipe joint, common tools, etc.

power supply


Operating temperature

4-40 ℃

Collection device

SCG FC-S2, supports collection brackets of different specifications

Collection method

Manual, full collection, peak collection

Appearance size (mm)

System pump: 625 * 485 * 376 Detector: 620 * 510 * 320 Collector: 400 * 400 * 340

* Remarks: 1Mpa = 10bar = 145psi


SCG series optional list:

UV detector *

DF1 single wavelength detector

280nm, can only monitor 1 wavelength, 2mm optical path

DF2EX UV detector

280 & 260nm, simultaneously monitor 2 wavelengths, 2mm optical path

DAD 600EX UV detector

200-600nm, simultaneously monitor 4 wavelengths, 2mm optical path

DAD 800EX UV detector

190-840nm, monitor 4 wavelengths at the same time, 2mm optical path

Differential detector

RI050 differential detector

2.5-5120uRIU (flow rate range: 1-50ml / min)

Sample pump

Pump type

High precision plunger rod pump, good biocompatibility


0.001 ~ 36ml / min (4000psi ; 0.01 100 ~ 100ml / min (1500psi)


Standard: 1 entrance

Optional: 10 inlets (sample selection valve)

Dynamic mixer

Mixed mode

Magnetic stirring

Mixing chamber volume

SCG-030: Standard 2ml, optional 0.6ml or 5ml

SCG-100: Standard 2ml, optional 5ml or 10ml

SCG-300: Standard configuration 5ml, optional 10ml or 15ml

System pump inlet

A pump inlet

SCG030: 1 standard, 2 or 8 optional

SCG100: 1 standard, 2 or 8 optional

SCG300: 1 standard, 8 optional

B pump inlet

SCG030: 1 standard, 2 or 8 optional

SCG100: 1 standard, 2 or 8 optional

SCG300: 1 standard, 8 optional

Column position matching

Column valve

Support Column, Bypass and Chromatographic column reverse flow path switching

Column selection module

Support to connect 5 chromatographic columns, software control automatic switching

Column differential pressure module

Support to detect the change of pressure before and after the column, calculate the pressure difference, and protect the packing

Collection module

Collection valve

Double-channel large-volume collection valve (1 waste liquid, 1 collection outlet)

Ten-channel large-volume collection valve (1 waste liquid, 9 collection outlets)

Collector model

SCG FC-S2, compact in size, can hold 2 collection racks of the same or different specifications

Collection rack type

16mm collection rack, can hold 60 15ml centrifuge tubes

28mm collection rack for 21 50ml centrifuge tubes

13mm collection rack for 90 5ml centrifuge tubes

Deep well collection rack, can hold 4 96 well plates

Bubble sensor

When bubbles are detected, the system will pause or enter the next method

Column bracket

Independent column holder, suitable for ID: 6.6-50mm inner diameter chromatography column and 1ml, 5ml pre-packed column

Wifi module

Wireless monitoring, suitable for Android phone or tablet

* The optical path of the UV flow cell is standard equipped with 2mm, and optional 5mm or 10mm.


Flowchart of laboratory protein purification system

Sample pump injection

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The flow rate of each pump is 36mL / min, 100mL / min, 300mL / min.

Configuration: dual pumps A1 / A2, B1 / B2, optional 10-port buffer selection valve; including automatic injection pump, and the function of flushing the column in forward and reverse flow; collector, pH, conductivity, ultraviolet, Temperature detection module. The module and pipeline through which the mobile phase passes will be marked in green. In addition, the current state of the module, for example: inject / Load.


Manual injection

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The flow rate of each pump is 36mL / min, 100mL / min, 300mL / min.

Double pump A1 / A2, B1 / B2, collector, pH, conductivity, UV, temperature detection module. The modules and lines through which the mobile phase passes are marked in green. Manual injection is possible. After injection, the injection valve will automatically switch to Inject mode according to the set procedure to achieve injection.


System pump injection

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The flow rate of each pump is 36mL / min, 100mL / min, 300mL / min.

Double pump A1 / A2, B1 / B2, collector, pH, conductivity, UV, temperature detection module. The modules and lines through which the mobile phase passes are marked in green. When the sample volume is relatively large, the system pump can be used for sample injection, and the sample can be directly input into the chromatography column through the system pump.






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